History of Roudybush


Brief History of Roudybush

Tom Roudybush, owner and nutritionist of Roudybush, Inc., began    manufacturing pellets, crumbles, and handfeeding formulas in 1985 after    doing 16 years of nutritional research at the University of California, Davis. Mr. Roudybush studied various bird species, including 6 years of research on the nutritional requirements of pet birds. Most of the published nutritional research in pet birds has been generated by Mr. Roudybush. He began manufacturing his diets in response to repeated requests from aviculturists hearing his talks at meetings throughout the United States.    The research flocks of cockatiels and Orange-winged Amazons at the University of California, Davis have been maintained on nothing but Roudybush diets since 1981; no other population of psittacines has been maintained on any other commercially available, formulated diet for such a long period of time.

Benefits of Roudybush

Roudybush NZ is committed to providing our customers with the best product for their feathered friends – Roudybush is not only field tested, but also scientifically proven to be one of the healthiest diets    available.

….Excerpt from Roudybush, Inc.

For decades the standard diet for most birds kept in captivity has been a    mixture of seeds and nuts. This diet was based on the assumption that that    is what these birds ate in their natural environments. Over the past several    years more information has become available from better observations of    natural feeding patterns and controlled research performed in captivity.    Nutritional deficiencies seen in birds kept on seed diets have been better    characterized and documented, making it clear that these diets are harmful;    however, many people continue to feed seed and nut diets, with or without    other nutritional supplementation. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of    giving a bird mineral blocks, cuttlebone, seed mixes with vitamin    fortification, or vitamins in the drinking water all relies of the bird’s    willingness to choose the right things to eat in the proper amount. Most    birds eat to obtain energy (calories) and they are going to choose the    highest fat, highest calorie foods available. They will often do their best    to avoid your best efforts to improve their nutrition. Another problem with    supplements is that you can overdo them and cause toxicities with some    nutrients, which is just as harmful as a deficiency.

How Roudybush is better

…….Roudybush diets offer several advantages over other commercially    available formulated diets. Pelletizing preserves more of the fiber in the    diet than extrusion does, providing a diet that is healthier for your birds’    intestinal tract. Some diets include molasses or sugar to improve the taste    of the food. These ingredients are unnecessary and can promote infections;    especially yeast infections, in birds. Roudybush products, other than the  Lory Nectar, hummingbird nectars, and Squab Formula, do not contain these potentially harmful sugars. Natural colored Roudybush diets reduce waste as many birds will selectively eat only one color of a multi-colored product,    they do not stain white feathers, and they allow you and your veterinarian to better evaluate your birds’ droppings (urine, urates, and feces become abnormally colored by colored diets). Roudybush products contain preservatives, which have been determined to be safe for birds to maintain proper vitamin activity and wholesomeness. Most importantly, Roudybush diets have been formulated by a nutritionist with some of the most extensive experience and expertise in pet bird nutrition.

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