High Energy Breeder

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High-energy Breeder is a nutritionally reinforced pellet that is specifically produced to meet the needs of breeding birds that are actively feeding chicks.

The formula helps maintain the birds healthy and natural weight while containing extra protein, vitamin D and calcium to uphold the growth of the young chicks.

An additional benefit is that sometimes birds can lose a lot of weight during the process of breeding and high-energy breeder pellets can aid in recovering the weight back to healthy ranges.

This product helps your bird put weight back on after the weaning process.

It is all natural, with no artificial flavours or colours, so you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals in your bird’s food.

The best thing is that there is minimal wastage! Your bird easily eats everything, unlike those pesky seed husks we all hate cleaning up!

If for any reason your bird doesn’t like this pellet size just send it back and we will replace the product with a different pellet size until we find the best for your bird.

This can be mixed with Daily Maintenance to fit your bird’s needs.

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