Switching your bird’s diet

Our pet birds really should be put on pelleted diets but these can be a major hassle if the birds have already developed bad eating habits. The first thing to know is that it can take quite a while or it could take a couple day, this all depends on the behavior of the bird itself. When the bird has successfully converted it become very beneficial for the birds health and well-being.

Interval Feeding:

For 30 minutes, 3 times a day, place 50% Roudybush with 50% seed to fill up only ¼ of the feeding bowl. After feeding, remove all the uneaten food from the cage and see how much food has been eaten from either the seed or pellets. If the bird has eaten more of the pelleted food, then increase the amount of pellets at each feeding. This should continue until 100% of the feeding bowl is filled with Roudybush Pellets. This method ensures that your bird will not starve through the process but because of the bowl being filled ¼ of the way it allows the bird to still be hungry to try the new pellets.


This method takes advantage on your bird’s instinct to eat at the highest location. Place the bird’s normal diet in bowl at a low part of the cage. Place a bowl of Roudybush pellets at the highest part of the cage or near a perch, preferably easily accessible. Make sure that water sources are near the bowl of pellets. This allows the bird to try the Roudybush pellets more often as it is most accessible to the bird and also ensure that the bird will not starve as the old diet is still available as an option.

Seed Later:

In the morning, place fresh portions of Roudybush into the dish. Leave the bird to eat this until mid-to-late afternoon. Then feed your bird its seed diet for the rest of the day. At bedtime make sure to remove all seeds from the cage. This should be repeated for several weeks or until the bird takes to the new diet.

These are only a few methods to convert your bird. Feel free to try any other method you think will be effective for your bird.


  • Pretend to eat the food yourself as it shows to the bird it is food.
  • Crush the Roudybush or buy a crumble and coat over fruits and vegetables.
  • Take advantage of the smaller pellets available by Roudybush to get your bird accustomed to the taste and size.
  • DON’T starve your bird at any point in hopes to covert.

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