Kick Ball

$34.90 inc GST

Get your high-energy bird in the game with the Kick Ball bird toy from Super Bird Creations! With tons of sporting action, this toy is sure to keep your feathered friend entertained.

Perfectly sized for African greys, Amazons, Eclectus, small cockatoos, mini macaws, and similar-sized birds, the Kick Ball bird toy also doubles as a foraging toy. Simply tuck some treats in the canvas sneaker to create a fun and stimulating toy that encourages your bird to seek and work for their food.

Destructible toys like the Kick Ball bird toy satisfy your bird’s instinctual need to chew, promoting healthy beak maintenance. And with Super Bird Creations’ diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials, you can trust that this toy will keep your pet’s mental and physical well-being in mind.

Proudly assembled in the USA, the Kick Ball bird toy is the perfect way to keep your bird engaged and active. Order now and get ready for some high-flying fun!

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