PVC Forager

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Foraging for food is what birds in the wild spend a considerable amount of their time doing. Providing an interesting range of foraging toys helps keep your bird healthy both mentally and physically. Placing healthy treats in a range of different foraging toys around the cage creates an enjoyable mental challenge to help with boredom and stimulate the mind.

This colourful yet simple foraging toy is a personal favourite to one of our Eclectus and I’m sure yours will love it too! Treats of all sizes can fit inside and is easy to move around the cage. The toy can be made a bit harder by taping the lids down with some bird safe tape.

The PVC Forager features:

  • Durable PVC Pipe To Hide Treats
  • Colourful to attract attention
  • Encourages Foraging Needs
  • Prevents Boredom
  • Non-toxic Materials
  • Great Beginner Toy

Suitable for: Small-Medium sized birds: Eclectus, Lories, Ringnecks, Galah, African Grey, Conures and Cockatiels

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