Party Ball

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Foraging for food is what birds in the wild spend a considerable amount of their time doing. Providing an interesting range of foraging toys helps keep your bird healthy both mentally and physically. Placing healthy treats in a range of different foraging toys around the cage creates an enjoyable mental challenge to help with boredom and stimulate the mind.

The Party Ball is a great way to get your bird foraging and exploring its surroundings. This durable ball can be filled with fruits and vegetables, nuts, shredded paper, bells, softwood and anything else you can think of. Being dishwasher safe means that you can fill it up with all the messy favourite foods and have no worries cleaning up. The party ball is a must-have for bigger birds who love to forage and play.

The Party Ball features:

  • Durable Polycarbonate
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Encourages Foraging Needs
  • Prevents Boredom
  • Non-toxic Materials
  • Great Beginner Foraging Toy

Suitable for: Medium to Large sized birds Eclectus, Lories, Ringnecks, Galah, Cockatoo, Macaw

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