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You have a wonderful mind and so does your bird! Keeping it stimulated with colourful and creative toys is one of the best ways to keep your bird happy and healthy. Having a variety of toys around the cage will ensure your bird has the best opportunity to stay active and combat boredom.

The Starburst is a visual masterpiece, featuring 4 Strings of vine balls combined with coloured softwood, topped with a vine star, this toy is entirely destructible for your bird’s playful needs. Birds have a need to bite and chew things around them in order to keep their beaks strong and healthy and this toy will provide just that.

The Starburst features:

  • Coloured Chewable Wood Blocks
  • Destructible Vine Balls and Star
  • Prevents Boredom
  • Non-toxic Materials

Suitable for: Small-Medium sized birds: Eclectus, Lories, Ringnecks, Galah, African Grey, Conures and Cockatiels

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